​​C R E W 

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Director -  Stella Corradi 

Producers - Carol-Mei Barker, Neta Mor, Anna Jancsò

Executive Producer - Anton Califano 

Associate Producers - Julie Christie, Duncan Campbell, Rosella Bono, Giorgio Pagliarini

Cinematographer  - Robbie Ryan BSC
Editor - Lee Mckarkiel

Original Soundtrack by -  Jack Baker & Lea Lea

Production Designer - Paulina Rzeszowska
Art Director: Madeleine Hunter 

Choreographer - Leyla Rees 

Costume Designer - Katren Wood

Hair & Make Up Designer - Sinead Crompton

Sound - Sara Lima 

1st Assistant Director - Ian Mantgani

Script Supervisor: Sivlia Bellitto 

​Production Coordinator - Arabella Gais 

Titles - Franck Trebillac

Casting Director - Aisha Walters

In early 2015 Concrete Castle Films were awarded London Calling financing through Film London and Eastern Edge Films.

Co-produced by Mor Productions, Little Soldier, went into production in July 2015 and was recently re-cut and finished in March 2016.

The film was written and directed by Stella Corradi, shot on 16mm by renowned cinematographer Robbie Ryan BSC and produced by Carol-Mei Barker, Neta Mor and Anna Jancsò.

Little Soldier is the story of 10 year old Anya (Amaris Miller). Anya's mother Amanda (Zawe Ashton) suffers from addiction, forcing Anya into the role of carer and provider. She works for Derek (Morgan Watkins) a drug dealer who wants to keep Anya and Amanda under his control. However, Anya takes matters into her own hands, with darkly comic consequences. Told entirely from Anya’s perspective, the harsh realities of her life are punctuated with moments of colour and imagination, to suggest a sense of hope and the magic of a child’s resilience to life’s difficulties.

L I T T L E    S O L D I E R 

© Concrete castle films

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We could not have completed the film without the help of some amazing organisations and individuals who donated through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign: ​

Bill Allan, Mehmet Aksoy, Susan Barker, Trevor Barker, Portia Barnett Herrin, Oriane Bastar, Anna Birch, Samantha Black, Lucy Bolton, ​Blair Boswell, Raphael Bouchier, 

Sue Cham, Liam Cranley, Fiona Crombie, Essie Davis, Jonathan Devo,  Luna Diaz, AshleyDrees, Fernando dos Santos, Lucas dos Santos, Sofia dos Santos, Andre dos Santos, 

Kathy dos Santos, Katy Esposito, Rose Fieber, Drew Fixell,Nina Fixell,Lorriane Folliet, 

Arabella Gais, Patrick Gamble, Kim Garrett, Jessica Garvey Birch, Marina Garvey Birch, Stephen Garvey,Thomas Gould, Malcolm Greenhill, Zoe Grey, Kathleen Hansen,

Mark Hudson, Rosa Hudson, Regina Hudson, Matt Hudson, Vicky Hudson, Samantha JollyEllie Jones, Karlie Kamara, Sulaimon Kadir, Ardusha Kazangapova, Justin Kurzel, Kyle 

Lavore, Vladimir Lazarez, N B Moller, Mike Manzi, Ian Mantgani, Kristina Mazurenko, 

Pamela McLaughlin, Richard Menzies,Tim Mewton, Emily Midorikawa,Nneka Opara, Julie Parmenter, Vannessa Pike, Sally Potter, Annabelle Quezada, Barbara Roberts, Nadine  Rothschild, Christopher Sheppard, Sebastian Smith, Kate Talbot, Stella Taliadoros,

 Andreya Triana, Judit Weiner, Craig Williams, Wynwood Art District​

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