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Carol-Mei Barker

Carol-Mei is a film writer and academic, with a PhD in Film Studies. She was winner of the 2010 UNESCO 'City of Film' Doctoral scholarship, and she specialises in Chinese and British cinema and the city in film. She taught film and media studies at the University of Bradford, and developed educational resources for the charity Film Education. She has written about film for various publications including Time Out London, and in 2013 sat on the short film jury at the Bradford International Film Festival. Carol-Mei lives in east London, where she grew up and also worked as a Learning Mentor to young people. 

Contact: carol-mei@concretecastlefilms.com

Stella Corradi 

Stella is a filmmaker, writer, and director. Born in Italy, Stella emigrated to London as a child and has studied and worked in east London ever since. She graduated with a Masters degree in Film from Queen Mary University of London specialising in Latin American cinema. In 2011 she travelled to New York to work as a Production Assistant on A Late Quartet (2012). Stella went on to be mentored by Sally Potter working as Director's Assistant on Ginger and Rosa (2012) and then with Justin Kurzel on Macbeth (2015). Stella continues to work closely with Sally Potter on her latest feature The Party (2017). Stella has made short films, documentaries, music videos and most recently directed 50 online commercials for Dove, Unilever. 

Contact: stella@concretecastlefilms.com



Concrete castle films is the production company started by

stella corradi and carol-mei barker

Stella and Carol-Mei met ten years ago whilst studying film at university. They bonded over a shared love of cinema, politics, and exercising loud opinions on pretty much everything. Mostly, they shared a deep dissatisfaction with recent social and physical reconfiguration of their native east London. Identifying a relationship between this and media representation, they have long felt there is a need to tell stories that offer alternative truths and perspectives.

Since university they have gone on their separate journeys in film. Stella embarked upon an industry path, and Carol-Mei an academic. Two features and a PhD later, they decided to pool their skills and experiences and make films that challenge, provoke, and stimulate critical thought. 

Both have mentored and worked with young people in film, and they look towards continuing this work in any way possible.

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